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Beyond homeopathic medicine

Quantum Health Specialists (QHS) is a medical company which offers a world class health system to deliver alternative medicine solutions by advanced technology in homeopathic medicine.

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Dr Jaya is the co-founder and Senior Consultant of QHS. QHS includes a team of professionals who are dedicated to providing cutting edge homeopathic treatments to help patients to achieve their optimal health goals.

Jayapathics system is the technology researched and developed by Dr Jaya over the past 40 years, to cater to the needs of patients tired of spending fortunes on medical treatment with no improvement in patients’ health.

While we appreciate conventional medical treatment, we understand that certain diseases are complicated with deep physical and psychological roots. Our Jayapathics diagnostic & therapeutic protocols transcendsmere guesswork of Classical homeopathy as we leverage artificial intelligence and computerisation in diagnosing & prescribing treatments for our patients.

As a modern healthcare treatment deeply rooted in homeopathy, we facilitate easy access to our products through our shop. Clients that have already been diagnosed can order products based on their medical condition and take their medications without the supervision of a healthcare professional.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy – is to nurture your mind, body, and soul.

We would like to make a significant contribution to the planet by dramatically improving the population’s overall health, wellbeing and happiness. We are fully committed to making you look and feel better and live life to the fullest.

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