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Our unique diagnostic and prescription program helps patients with a personalised approach targeted explicitly toward their individual needs.
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Experience the niche medical breakthrough JAYAPATHICS

which has revolutionised existing conventions in the
world of natural therapies.

JAYAPATHICS is an advanced healthcare system developed by a leading Australian Homeopath, Dr Jaya Krishnan. So advanced and effective is JAYAPATHICS, that this name has been coined to describe her remarkable contribution to the healthcare system.

With the advent of the unique diagnostic & prescriptive protocols of JAYAPATHICS, patients can get personalised care targeted explicitly for their individual needs in the treatment of almost all the diseases.

JAYAPATHICS medicines are based on pure homeopathy. After 40 years of research and development, Dr Jaya has dramatically enhanced the science of homeopathy, and in doing so, she has also simplified and demystified it.

Volumes of patient testimonials attest to the success of JAYAPATHICS. Many of the patient cures are nothing short of amazing! 

Anthony Eisentrager – Managing Director, Perth Academy of Natural Therapies

Dr. Jaya Krishnan

D.H.M.S., Hon N.D.

Fellow A.N.T.A

Australian Natural Therapists Association



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Advanced & Effective Healthcare Treatments Without The Fear of Any Side Effects

  • Our wide range of products is now available online. and all you need to do is select the remedy you need & click the order button right away.
  • Jayapathics treatments are evidence -based, designed exclusively to provide proven benefits.
  • Jayapathics treatments can be administered at home without supervision.
  • Our remedies do not interfere or have interactions with other medications or no known drug interactions.
  • Our remedies are safe, with no side effects. They are safe for babies, children, pregnant women & elderly.
  • There are no harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing process our remedies & therefore has no adverse impact on the environment.
  • Our remedies being of very high dilutions a minute amount of the source can be transformed into healing remedies for the entire planet without depleting the source & therefore are environmentally friendly with no ecological repercussions.
  • Being inherently non addictive Jayapathics is the answer to ending the drug pandemic of prescription drugs which is the number one addiction disease of our civilisation.
  • Our products have no side effects as they work in harmony with our body systems.


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Our medication has provided benefits to patients worldwide while helping them towards a healthy life. We are happy to see hundreds of people satisfied with the outcome of Jayapathics.

Look at what our customers are saying to whom we have helped make a difference in their lives.

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Why Choose Jayapathics Medicine?

Did you know? 77% of Australians use alternative medicine at least once a year, with homeopathic treatment leading the race.

However, due to controversies surrounding homeopathic treatment, it’s essential to be cautious of where you get your homeopathic medicine and other homeopathic solutions.

Although your search for homeopathy near me will return many searches, knowing the competence of the homeopathic solution of your choice matters.

Here are what makes us stand out at Jayapathics:

  • Advanced HealthCare Treatment with Zero Side Effects

    We’re all wary of possible side effects of medical treatments. Imagine spending your life savings on treating particular sicknesses and diseases only to take drugs that will leave you with side effects. At Jayapathics, we follow a holistic approach to remedyselection, and formulation. This guarantees treatments without any adverse effects.

  • Custom treatment for each medical condition

    Every medical condition is unique, and so is the treatment. When you visit us at Jayapathics, we first learn more about your condition through one-on-one interviews. After that, we’ll diagnose your sickness or disease so that we can offer the right solution. At Jayapathics, we do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach for our patient’s health and well-being.

  • Self-administration of homeopathic medicine with no concerns

    Are you busy with work or family responsibilities? Do you prefer to take your medications in the comfort of your home without the prying eyes of other hospital visitors? Jayapathics offer homeopathic medicines that do not require doctor supervision.

  • Science-backed treatment

    With a degree in homeopathic medicine and over 40 years of active service as a certified homeopathic doctor, Dr Jaya Krishnan has developed Jayapathics products which have their root in science. We believe in medical science and do our best to ensure that our medications follow scientific principles for enhanced effectiveness.

  • Naturally sourced ingredients

    All our products are sourced and made from natural ingredients. This ensures that our remedies do not interfere with other medications and prescriptions. Our products pose no side effects and work harmoniously with your body system. Also, they’re safe for use and harmless to the environment.

  • Animal cruelty-free

    We believe in animal rights and welfare. As such, we DON’T test any of our products on animals.

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Dr. Jaya Krishnan - The Women Behind Jayapathics

Founded by Dr Jaya Krishnan, Jayapathics is an innovative approach to homeopathy. One of the most renowned homeopaths, Dr. Jaya, believes in health and well-being for all.

Her approach with Jayapathics encompasses a modernized approach to treating the population, improving overall health, and enforcing long-term solutions to the most demanding conditions.

Dr. Jaya Krishnan
The Founder Of The Leading Innovation

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