The Jayapathics Way

There are wildly conflicting opinions about the efficacy of homeopathic remedies. It is easy to see why many people are sceptical about choosing homeopathy as an option for treatment. Truth be told, the world of medicine itself is not an exact science. Genes, environment and individual makeup vary from person to person.

Jayapathics has, for the first time eliminated the long drawn trial & error practices of Homeopathy. The traditional methods used in homeopathy are:

The Wait and watch approach: A method of ‘trial & error’ used to determine if the most appropriate or probable remedy is working. If not another remedy is tried until favourable results set in. If the patients stop getting better, again the trial & error is used to continue treating the patient until the patient moves forward with the treatment. This can be time consuming & so the patient’s disease would be progressively getting worse while the practitioner & the patient is waiting in anticipation to see signs of improvement.

Medicinal aggravation: The favourable sign Homeopaths look for, to conclude that the given remedy is working and wait until improvements set in. This does not make sense as I cannot justify a patient having to get worse, for any reason before getting better. Also it is very difficult to distinguish if the disease is getting worse or it is the ‘favourable’ ‘medicinal aggravation’ where the patient is supposed to ‘feel better’ although he may in actual fact be feeling worse.

Lengthy consultations: Homeopathic consultation are generally known to take a long time as the Homeopath has to do an in-depth study of the patient to ‘individualise’ the patient.

So how is Jayapathics different?

Based on the presenting symptoms and pathology reports, Jayapathics consultations are based on unique techniques of case taking and so are not time consuming. The patients are put on a treatment protocol from day one. The patients start to feel better within a few hours in acute cases and within a few days/ weeks in chronic cases depending on the chronicity of the condition. The patients undergo regular assessment until the results are permanent.

Once the patient completes the treatment protocol , the patients are no longer required to take Jayapathics remedies in order to keep the condition at bay.

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