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  • You Have Suffered From Chronic Illness And Lived In Constant Pain
  • Your Doctor Or Specialist Told You That You Would Have It For The Rest Of Your Life
  • And You Need To Cope With Your Pain Only With Antibiotics, Chemicals And Painkiller Drugs
  • What’s Worse, You Started To Have Side Effects From Your Drugs Or Prescription

You Have Come To The Right Place And We Are Here For You


With 40+ years of research and development, we have seen unprecedented success in our practice and treatments.

We offer uniquely powerful services designed to meet your needs pertaining to the improvement of your health as well as healing of different health conditions.

From conditions like asthma, hay fever, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, migraine, infertility, hormonal problems, and autoimmune conditions – the list goes on.



We believe in the body’s remarkable ability to heal itself. Our remedies reach the depths of that potential and assist the natural healing process.

No harmful substances and chemical drugs and no side effects.

With help from us, you can achieve better overall health

Jayapathics has dramatically enhanced, simplified, and demystified the science of Homeopathy.

Don't Take Our Words; Hear Them From Thousands Of Our Patients Who Have Experienced Jayapathics And Transformed Their Lives


She had rare skin condition, Ichthyosis and went to numerous dermatologist with zero results.

Overtime with our remedies, her conditions disappeared and never had any skin problems anymore.


Severe endometriosis patient and wanted to have baby with no success.

With our remedies, Paula went from having 18 nurofen (pain killers) per day to no longer in pain and able to have children.

See What Other Patients Are Saying

I was suffering very badly from a condition commonly known as psoriasis which had totally covered my scalp and was rapidly continuing down my neck, irritating my lips, nose, eyelids and ears.

The prognosis was that I would have this for the rest of my life and it would come and go with the use of lotions and potions.

Dr. Jaya I believe has totally helped me with this ‘thing’ and I would highly recommend her to anyone suffering from any disease. Her ‘natural magic’ is a blessing not to be ignored.

– Betty Anne Salter –

Perth, Western Australia

I owe a great deal to my friend, Jaya Krishnan. Jaya’s diagnostic skills are second to none, which makes her very accomplished in her field. She has done a lot to help my handicapped daughter, Maddison.

It was not an easy transition. I was very doubtful and not very positive about it all in the beginning.
Since Jaya’s treatment, my daughter’s focus has improved, her language and understanding skills are building up every day and her general well-being is more than I ever expected.

And it is all done the natural way which feels safe and refreshing.

– Jen L –

Victoria, Australia

“I want to thank you for your help with our family’s health over the past three years – particularly during pregnancy and with our two babies.

We began using your system during my first pregnancy because I felt it was the safest, most effective approach, without side effects. I had very smooth, fast, and uncomplicated natural births, with both babies totally drug-free. I am convinced that your homeopathic remedies and advice played a big part – so thank you!”

– Annabel Morgan –

Perth, Western Australia

We are on a mission to create healthier lives and an make impact

Darek & Agnieszka.

They Tried To Have A Baby For 3 Years With Zero Success But Achieved Pregnancy In Just 2 Months With Jayapathics Treatment

If You Say To Yourself
``Enough With All This Pain And Suffering``

We Want To Help You!


Meet Our Principal Doctor


Dr. Jaya Krishnan

Perth-based Dr. Jaya Krishnan is the Founder and Developer of Jayapathics,
a groundbreaking new system of Homeopathy. She is one of Australia’s most eminent homeopaths.

Jaya’s mission in life is to make a significant contribution to the planet by dramatically improving the population’s overall health, well-being, and happiness.

Her qualifications and vast experience speak for themselves.


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We Hate Seeing You In Pain When We Have The Solution To Your Health Issues


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How Can We Help You

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Jayapathics

Why is Jayapathics unique?

Jayapathics has been tested over 40 years with a proven track record of being effective and user friendly without causing any setbacks or side effects whatsoever. Jayapathics is a great alternative and complementary treatment for most acute, chronic or recurring diseases. It is well recognised in curing numerous ailments in the field of immunology, neurology, paediatrics, gynaecology, endocrinology, dentistry, orthopaedics, oncology etc.

Should I stop my medication while using Jayapathics?

No. Jayapathics can be safely taken with any other medication and works perfectly well with other medications.

Are there any dietary restrictions to be followed while using Jayapathics?

No. There are no dietary restrictions or life style changes to be followed while on Jayapathics.

Is Jayapathics only a placebo effect?

It is a proven therapy that has been used successfully to treat newborns, infants and a wide variety of animals.

Does Jayapathics recognise routine medical assessments?

Yes. Medical tests and assessments like blood tests, X-rays, MRI, ECG, EEG are an integral part of Jayapathics treatment protocols as they are useful for monitoring the progress of the case and ensure better and effective treatment.

Can Jayapathics treat ailments which cannot be medically diagnosed?

Yes. Jayapathics can treat such ailments based on mere symptomatology.

What are Jayapathics medicines made from?

Jayapathics medicines are mostly derived from plants and minerals using a special method of preparation to unleash their therapeutic qualities.



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